The application of HEAT (thermotherapy) or COLD (cryotherapy) is an easy and natural method for treating minor injuries, as well as reducing swelling.

It encourages lesions’ recovery.

USYFIX bandages are used in compression for maintaining hot/cold packs or compresses during these treatments. They prevent fluid accumulation and reduce tension in the soft tissues, which eases pain.


USYFIX bandages are made of high quality elastic materials, which are hypoallergenic and latex-free. They ensure an optimal grip uniformly applied on its entire surface. The bandage’s length can also be adjusted by attaching multiple elements together. They can also easily be modified by cutting between the rings.


Ideal for thoracic back pains, lumbagos, abdominal or post-operative pains…

Also for treating neck aches by reducing stress-related muscular tensions (also caused by bad postures).


For the arm or the ankle: 1 USYFIX bandage is enough.


For the knee or the thigh: 2 USYFIX bandages can be necessary depending on the corpulence.


For the waist, the shoulder or the neck: 3 to 4 USYFIX bandages will be used preferably.


one hand attach

USYFIX bandages are made to resist temperatures up to 100°C and are machine washable.

They can be disinfected by immersion baths, scrubbing or spraying with adequate products.

USYFIX bandages are supplied with a unique and universal patented clamp system especially designed to be attached using only one hand.


USYFIX is designed to provide support and compression without the hassle of pins or velcro or adhesives.


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